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North-West Passage 1876 Article An illustrated article showing some of the very first photographs taken of the Arctic and the voyage of the Pandora to the North West Passage in 1876 by Sir Allen Young.

Life in the 1930s: England: Victor Holmes An article demonstrating what life was like before the National Heath Service was introduced in 1948. And how it affected ordinary people.

Life in the 1940s: England at War: A D-Day Tribute An article about one man's sacrifice for his country and how it affected ordinary families.

History of Bridgewater Canal Article An illustrated article about the history of the Bridgewater Canal in Lancashire.

A Tale of Two Shipwrecks off the coast of Blackpool An article about the Abana and Riverdance. Two ships that were wrecked off the Flyde coast, Lancashire in 1894 and 2008

History of Towneley Hall Article An illustrated article about the stately home of Towneley Hall in Burnley Lancashire. UK

Sunset / Sunrise Photography Article. An illustrated article concerning the taking of sunrise or sunset photography. With hints and tips and some photographic technique. (Nothing too difficult)

Photography Composition Article An illustarted article that gives you some general ideas on how to improve the look of your photography. Not so much concerned with difficult-to-understand photographic technique, or technical details, as how to enhanced and spice up your photographs using simple methods.

Traditional Wedding Article What makes a traditional wedding? How long have certain customs, rituals and traditions being taking place during marriages? You may be surprised.

Macro Photography
An article about Raw and Macro digital photography.

Llanddwyn Island, Anglesy, North Wales
An illustrated article of LLanddwyn Island, including its history, location, description and scenic photographs. The island is also presently being used to film some of the scenes of a new romantic thriller film called Half Light, starring Demi Moore.

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