World Through The Lens


Below are some digital images taken with the marco and super macro facility
These original raw photographs have been cropped and saved as top quality jpgs in order to make the file size managable whilst still retaining most of the date. (Click on a photo to see a larger version)

Macro: Fruit Blossom

Super Macro: Brooch

Super Macro: Dandilion

Macro: Bee's wings

Super Macro: Eye

Super Macro: Flower

Macro photography is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject is greater than life size. It is often used in reference to a finished photograph of a subject that is greater than life size. Thererfore a macro lens is classically a lens capable of reproduction ratios greater than 1 to 1.

Raw is a file format that is used by Digital cameras.
The Raw format is, in effect a digital 'negative' which will need to be 'oricessed'. Photos taken in Raw format need to be edited on your computer using digital imaging software and usually a 'raw plugin filter' that will be supplied with your camera software or downloaded from the internet - usually from your camera manufacture's website.

So why use Raw in the first place?
Raw provides the ultimate control over your digital photos, allowing you to tweak the settings to produce the exact photo you desire. For example, people who shoot Raw can set the white balance before they start taking pictures and thereby avoiding hard-to-correct colorcasts. Plus, since most camera raw files are 12-bit, instead of 8-bit jpgs, photographers have greater flexibility when correcting exposure errors and making changes to the overall look of their photo. Raw also provides the highest quality images whilst keep the original photo in an uncompressed format - such as jpeg.


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